“Get ready to dig into one of the wildest and deadliest battles in history. The beautifully researched Forty-Seven Days takes you right there and shows you all the minute details, from the pings of a bullet to Pershing’s confidence and fears.”—Brad Meltzer, New York Times Bestselling Author of  The President’s Shadow

“The Meuse-Argonne campaign in 1918 was the most significant battle fought by American Doughboys in World War I. In Forty-Seven Days, Mitchell Yockelson has written a superbly researched account of their coming of age under the leadership of Gen. John J. ‘Black Jack’ Pershing. This book will take its place as one of the best books written about the largest and one of the deadliest campaigns in American military history.”—Carlo D’Este, Author of Patton: A Genius For War

“Mitchell Yockelson has become a preeminent World War I historian. With an absorbing narrative, fast pacing, and gritty detail, his Forty-Seven Days brings to life that war’s final and bloody Meuse-Argonne offensive, when General John ‘Black Jack’ Pershing and more than one million American and French soldiers broke the back of the mighty German army.”—Douglas Waller, New York Times Bestselling Author of Disciples and Wild Bill Donovan

Yockelson moves by increments through the intricate phases of Pershing’s ultimate victory, which he achieved despite the greenness of his doughboys. He does a sharp job filling in the military details and fleshing out the biographies of the legendary figures who would feature prominently in the next great conflagration: Patton, Marshall, MacArthur, Donovan, etc.
An accessible, elucidating study by a knowledgeable expert.
Kirkus Reviews